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Microplastics are the next emerging contaminant of concern 
Contrary to popular thought, microplastic contamination in the ocean doesn’t all come from plastic bottles. Textiles are one of the largest unregulated contributors to microplastics in the ocean
11/26/2022 3:01 PM - Comment(s)
EPA's Enforcement and Compliance Online Tool for Petroleum Refineries Now Includes Environmental Justice Metrics 
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it will improve transparency of environmental enforcement by making their Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) tool integrated with environmental justice (EJ) metrics.
10/11/2022 12:06 PM - Comment(s)
New Contaminants Call for New Treatment Technologies
Oxidation by electrochemistry can treat PFAS-laden waters without creating a secondary waste stream. Traditionally, other water treatment methods only remove PFAS constituents and concentrate them into a waste stream that must then be disposed.
08/30/2022 10:08 AM - Comment(s)
What is Natural Attenuation?
In the field of science which includes soil pollution, natural attenuation applies to nature’s ability to reduce the toxicity, mobility, volume or concentration of contaminants in water and soil.
07/22/2022 3:25 PM - Comment(s)
PFAS is the new ‘Erin Brockovich contaminant’ of our time, and it may already be in your tap water
On April 28, 2022, ten water organizations representing American utilities that treat public wastewater, drinking water, stormwater, and reuse water, submitted a letter to Congress for an exemption from PFAS liability under CERCLA.
06/17/2022 10:14 AM - Comment(s)
News of PFAS toxicity finally hits mainstream
The new advisory is thousands of times stricter than what the EPA advised in 2016 under Obama. It also adds PFBS and GenX to the list, which were previously thought to be safe alternatives.
06/16/2022 3:14 PM - Comment(s)
Is your fridge water filter counterfeit? Thousands of fake filters are sold on Amazon each year
January saw 29,000 counterfeit water purifying filters from China. The problem is that not only will contaminants remain in your water, but fake filters can also leach chemicals into otherwise clean taps.
05/23/2022 4:47 PM - Comment(s)
Why hasn't the American public been informed about the dangers of PFAS?
PFAS news is changing daily, and journalists may want to wait and see how things shake out. Regulatory agencies are still in the process of formalizing data, analyses, and regulations.
05/17/2022 4:35 PM - Comment(s)
If you hear of PFAS in a cattle ranch near you, here’s what to do next
RO filters remove both long-chain and short-chain PFAS constituents for clean drinking water. The small under-sink treatment system plugs in next to your kitchen sink disposal.
05/16/2022 4:47 PM - Comment(s)
Why using toxic chemicals in high-performance outdoor clothing isn’t going away
A recent United States Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) article simultaneously praises and disparages manufacturers over arbitrary factors rather than toxic chemical content.
05/09/2022 3:25 PM - Comment(s)
Can hydrology address water crisis issues? 
It requires us to have an understanding of how surface waters interact with groundwater, climate effects over time, permitting processes, state/federal/local regulations, and our own willingness to be a part of the solution.
04/28/2022 12:18 PM - Comment(s)
New Mexico Environmental Department's handling of the 2021 MSGP certification 
Confusion created around PFAS testing requirements for industrial stormwater. While the EPA permit (MSGP) is very detailed on what operators need to do if they reach or exceed the screening level for PFAS, it is not clear on how to practically sample in New Mexico's arid desert.
02/21/2022 9:23 PM - Comment(s)
Texas ranch map made using QGIS (sample)
Creating infographics can quickly turn your map into a visually appealing piece more easily digested by readers.
02/21/2022 9:23 PM - Comment(s)
EPA's methods to test for PFAS related to industrial use, explained
Since EPA has not yet finalized their methodology for measuring PFAS in non-drinking water, the Department of Defense has defined a methodology to sample and analyze 40 PFAS in environmental media (water, soil, air) to meet requirements under CERCLA, CWA, and RECRA.
02/20/2022 2:26 PM - Comment(s)
Can you remove PFAS from water? Here are the options
PFAS detection on your site? You have remediation options
02/18/2022 3:50 PM - Comment(s)
Plan or perish: Integrated long-term water supply modeling for El Paso, Texas
Abstract from my talk at the American Water Works Association Conference
02/11/2022 11:13 AM - Comment(s)
New Mexico on the (PFAS) national stage
EPA has initiated the rulemaking process to add PFOA, PFOS, PFBS, and GenX to the RCRA Hazardous Constituents list in response to NM governor's petition.
02/08/2022 12:44 PM - Comment(s)
What is PFAS? Here are the regulations and background on the emerging contaminant
PFAS is the emerging contaminant that is already here. In fact, it's just about everywhere in our environment.
02/08/2022 10:59 AM - Comment(s)
States developing new approach to find PFAS sources
Rather than attempting to find sources of PFAS (polluters) via large sampling programs of stormwater effluent, some states are requesting, requiring, or ordering local wastewater treatment plants to provide PFAS concentration data.
02/08/2022 10:47 AM - Comment(s)
Breaking down the 2021 Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) 
The new guiding document is 601 pages, not including the supporting documents that explain its organization and draft history.
02/08/2022 10:33 AM - Comment(s)