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Miel Solutions LLC was formed as an independent hydrogeology consultancy in 2019 by Miori Harms. Miel Solutions delivers cost effective, specialist hydrogeology and permit consulting services to mining, governmental, and private stakeholders in the United States.

Miori is a hydrogeologist with over a decade of experience that uniquely spans biology, geology, and groundwater. She has practiced in multiple scientific sectors as a researcher, professional service provider, and environmental and mining consultant. This diversity has allowed her to develop a wide range of perspectives working in and with industry stakeholders.

Her graduate training focused on uranium in-situ recovery mining processes that required a reliable understanding of local and regional groundwater flow. Her thesis is now available to the public for free.

Background Information on Hydrogeology:

Hydrogeology is a subcategory of geology that explores water moving through the pore spaces in rock and soil layers beneath the land surface. Within that rather large study space, there are specialized fields and services that depend on the practitioner and the industry in which the science is being applied. 

Because Miori brings experience from multiple fields, from water resource planning to mine permitting, she can deliver well-rounded technical support for a site and/or project. She provides insight and analyses starting from the site geology and water inflows/outflows to the final steps of permitting and report writing.

Miori Harms

MS in Geology, University of Colorado

BA in Biology, University of Colorado

Founder and Principal Consultant of Miel Solutions LLC since 2019

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Practice Areas

Miori's career has been cross-discipline and diverse. Her key practice areas have been in groundwater modeling for the mining industry, borehole geology for the oil & gas industry, and environmental studies for government entities.
Groundwater Modeling for Mines

MODFLOW-SURFACT was used for groundwater modeling of ISR and open-pit mines, and for pit-lake infilling simulations up to 100 years.

Groundwater Vistas and MODFLOW (v.9.1) were used to model single and multi-well aquifer tests.

Borehole Geology for Oil & Gas Industry

Well log data were used alongside specialized logs to understand the petrophysical and geophysical setting during directional drilling. Miori analyzed these logs and specialized in the interpretation of FMI, OBMI, Dual-OBMI, UBI image log data to enhance the following:

  • Visualize induced and natural fractures, stress orientation and borehole structures
  • Hydraulic fracture optimization
  • Analyize petrophysical log data (Gamma Ray, Resistivity, Density/Neutron Porosity, Photoelectric Factor)
  • Petrel/eXpandBG 3-D structural modeling and/or sequence stratigraphy modeling
Environmental Studies for Government Entities

Traveling across the country for field work, Miori supervised well drilling and collected soil, water and gas samples for EPA Superfund sites and military bases.

She contributed significantly to the water resource plans of Albuquerque and El Paso water utilities using dynamic simulation modeling (using GoldSim and ExtendSim). 

Professional Services

Professional consulting services are offered for permitting support, surface and groundwater studies, technical reports, and more. 

An Introductory Rate of $50 per hour for the first 40 hours is offered to new clients. The initial consultation and project setup are always free. Standard rates apply after the introductory period has passed.

If you would like more information or a complete resume, please reach out using the Contact form.
Groundwater Modeling

AQTESOLV, Groundwater Vistas and MODFLOW for single and multi-well aquifer tests, ISR and open-pit mining. Dynamic simulation tools include GoldSim and ExtendSim.

Mapping & Data Analysis

ESRI ArcMap GIS, QGIS, Powerpoint, Adobe Illustrator, and MS Excel for clean reporting and presentation.

Permits, Technical Reports & Project Management

Overcome barriers in communicating complex concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences.

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Do you charge per hour or per project?

Most projects are invoiced monthly by the hourly rate according to the service provided. If you desire a not-to-exceed contract that can be an option as well but must be discussed in advance and typically requires a more specific scope.

Do you offer free help?
I offer free consultations to determine if my services are applicable and/or help you find the expertise you need. Project setup is also free.

How are documents shared?

This depends on the client preferences. For involved projects, Trello, Slack, and/or Google Drive can be used.

How are Documents Shared?

This depends on the client preferences. For involved projects, Trello, Slack, and/or Google Drive can be used.

What if I don't know if I need a hydrogeologist or an engineer?

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