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Breaking down the 2021 Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) 

By - Miori
02/08/2022 10:33 AM

The new guiding document includes 20 files for a total of 601 pages, not including the supporting documents that explain its organization and draft history. 

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The 2021 MSGP is synonymous (in practice) with the NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System), so don't let that trip you up. The NPDES issues the MSGP for stormwater discharges associated with industrial activity.

The new guiding document is so large it cannot be downloaded in one file. In fact, it includes 20 files and is 601 pages long, not including the supporting documents that explain its organization and draft history. It's no wonder companies scratch their heads when it comes to handling the simple issue of telling the environmental department how stormwater flows off their property. 

The entire document can be downloaded using the below. But for those who value their time, here is a synopsis that will help you answer your questions faster:

  • Permit Parts 1-7 are the meat of the document and detail general requirements that apply to all industries and facilities.
  • Permit Part 8 is for sector-specific requirements. All operators need to refer to their industry-specific reporting requirements for when they are in and out of use.
  • Permit Part 9 is for "States, Indian Country Lands, or Territories", where each EPA Region details their own additional conditions governed by the state or otherwise. There are 11 EPA Regions. All operators need to refer to this section for additional information, reporting requirements, and PFAS monitoring (if any).
  • Appendix A: definitions
  • Appendix B: standard permit conditions
  • Appendix C: areas eligible for coverage
  • Appendix D: facilities and activities covered
  • Appendix E: procedures relating to endangered species
  • Appendix F: procedures relating to historic properties
  • Appendix G: notice of intent
  • Appendix H: notice of termination (NOT) form
  • Appendix I: annual report form
  • Appendix J: calculating hardness
  • Appendix K: no exposure certification
  • Appendix L: list of Tier 3, 2 and 2.5 waters
  • Appendix M: discharge monitoring report
  • Appendix N: list of SIC and NAICS codes [that are applicable]
  • Appendix O: summary of reports permit submittals
  • Appendix P: list of federal CERCLA sites
  • Fact Sheet: 135 pages of the legal authority and history of how the document was created

If you are looking for a template to create your SWPPP, you can download it here.
Go to the 2021 MSGP
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