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Free resources include PFAS sampling and regulation reference sheets, the monthly Miel Newsletter, groundwater textbooks, children's educational books (provided by The Groundwater Project), and offers from my affiliates.

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DoD ELAP accreditation for EPA Draft Method 1633 relies on the addition of QSM v 5.4 (especially Table B-24) for 40 PFAS analytes
EPA SW-846 Draft Method 8327 for PFAS analysis is considered by EDQW to be a screening method and should not be used for the collection of definitive data.

Free PFAS Regulation & Sampling Reference Sheet

Sampling for PFAS chemicals requires entirely different techniques and materials than typical field sampling. More planning is involved before the event and more care needs to be taken during sampling.  

(Perfloroalkyl and polyfloroalkyl substances = PFAS.)

For example, tubing used in compositing equipment used in the field must be made of HDPE or silicone.


The use of Teflon® and pipe putty (commonly used in the field otherwise) are not allowed as they will contaminate the sample with PFAS chemicals.


Samplers must always collect PFAS samples first, before collecting samples for other parameters. Keep the PFAS samples in a separate sealed bag in the shipping cooler (or a separate cooler all together). Never set sample bottle lids down and avoid lid contact with hands.

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the groundwater project . org
The Groundwater Project makes accessible a countless number of books and resources, including the foundational textbook 'Groundwater' by R. Allan Freeze and John A. Cherry.

Free books and textbooks from The Groundwater Project

The Groundwater Project is a Canadian non-profit organization led by Dr. John Cherry, a renowned name in the field of hydrogeology. They provide online texts, books, and educational materials free of charge. 

If you are a professional in the field, please consider joining John Cherry's affiliated program: Hydrogeologists without Borders, which seeks to build capacity in emerging regions to provide safe, sustainable water supplies for all. 

To learn more about groundwater and download free learning material, visit: Home - The Groundwater Project (gw-project.org)

They even provide children's books in numerous languages, such as Wally and Deanna's Groundwater Adventure in English, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Hausa, Hungarian, Afrikaans, and Urdu. Claire and the Invisible Water writes to an elementary-middle school audience with brightly colored pictures. Both are free downloads.

Note: I have no personal, financial, or professional affiliation with The Groundwater Project. I'm solely including it here to spread the word to those who seek to learn about groundwater and provide clean drinking water to all.  

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This family of brands sponsors the educational campaign, Filter It Out to help consumers avoid online scams.

You can find their refrigerator filter performance data sheets on their website

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Waterdrop's Reverse Osmosis water treatment to remove PFAS constituents is now available to anyone with a kitchen sink.

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Helpful Resources

EPA's SWPPP Template

A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is required for all industrial and commercial sites compliant with NPDES. The updated MSGP guideline went into effect March 1, 2021. Download the SWPPP (Microsoft Word document) template below. To learn more about the 2021 MSGP, read the article in Latest News and Information.

If you need help completing the template, please reach out to me via the contact form. I'm happy to help.

Download EPA SWPPP Template
Affiliate Links
Affiliate Links

Online compliance trainings

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